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A garage door panel problem is easy to spot. More often than not, the home or business owner that has the problem knows exactly how it came about. There are certain common occurrences that we see causing these problems. From bits of debris that can come from trees, or trash to ultimately crash into the panels. Even minor car accidents can cause trouble. There is a wide variety of different solutions that can solve issues with damaged panels.
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Immediate Response

It is certainly not fun at all when you have a garage door issue. For homeowners, this usually means having trouble with getting their car out to go to work. In other cases, because people keep their vehicles out of their garage, they don’t even realize their door doesn’t work correctly. Until one day, they need to open it and can’t! In businesses, this could be the difference between being able to open a store or a car shop or not. Of course, if you are dealing with a garage door problem, you want help fast! That is precisely what Stuart Brothers can provide for you! When you make a call, you know you are always going to get an answer at the other end.

Same Day Repairs

Most of the time, repairs can be fully completed within the day. Our process is straightforward. We arrive, and we assess the damage. Then we provide our customers with a wide array of possible solutions. From there, we get to work on the solution that fits them best. When it comes to garage door panels, the options usually boil down to repair or replace. Still, we make an effort to give you a rundown of the potential consequences of each path. This is all done typically within just a couple of hours at the most!

Licensed And Bonded Technicians

Our team of licensed and bonded technicians have been working on garage doors for years on end. Through the years, we have been able to see the developments in the industry. What is interesting about our line of work is that new and old clash all the time. We may be called in to help repair or install a door with the latest technology. The next day we are tasked with making sure that a pretty old door remains up and running. A lot of times, it is not just about getting the license. It is really about keeping up with the new trends and how new equipment functions. Doing so, without throwing out some of the older techniques that we still use. It certainly takes a select group of people to be able to do that!

What Are Garage Door Panels?

Garage door panels are basically what the door is made out of. Usually, garage doors have a frame that is made from some form of metal. Then this frame is going to be filled in with panels. They are known as panels because they are fundamentally separate pieces that make up the door itself. They are what is going to be facing outward in your door. Therefore, they tend to be the “part” of the door that gets the most wear and tear.

Types Of Garage Door Panels

There are actually many different types of panels. You could potentially create a custom panel, if you wanted to. For the most part, though, there are certain types of panels that you are going to see used consistently. Keep in mind that, same panel “types” can be made from totally different materials. These main panel types include:


These particular panels are usually placed horizontally on doors. Often, what you see are smaller blocks that are connected to create the door. When we say “smaller,” we mean they are not as tall as they are wide. Garage doors are made up of more panels with this style.


It’s pretty much the same concept that we just mentioned. Yet, these panels are usually taller, so; you will use fewer panels to put together the door.


Again, the concept is basically the same. Here though, it is pretty much a door with a single very large panel instead of smaller ones put together. The first example is a door made from many smaller panels that are set up horizontally. The second example is the same thing, but with larger panels. L-panels can be set up horizontally or vertically. That is another main difference.

Of course, there are other types of panels. These same panels can come in different kinds of designs, colors, or even be made of different materials. The concept though, is virtually the same.

Service Areas

We can take care of all your roofing and guttering needs. We service within 25 miles of Los Angeles, including the following areas:

>> Beverly Hiils
>> Culver City
>> Inglewood
>> Compton
>> Lakewood
>> Lynwood

>> Gardena
>> Glendale
>> Pasadena
>> Burbank
>> West Cuvina
>> Fullerton
>> Anaheim

Are Garage Door Panels Interchangeable?

There is a bit of yes and no answer to this question. If you have a door that was designed with custom panels, it is going to be harder to find a replacement. If you bought the whole door directly from one specific manufacturer, it could be easier. All that you would need to do is get a hold of this company. Since, it can get difficult to find exact replacements for these panels, we tend to try and repair them. Of course, if the door went through a significant incident, (such as a car crashing into it), there is less chance of a repair being possible. If that happens to be the case, we are going to be able to offer other types of solutions. If the frame is salvageable, then, we may just suggest a full panel replacement.

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If you are someone who is currently looking for help with your garage door panels, you came to the right place. As was mentioned before, you are always going to get an immediate response. There is a team that is ready to help you fix any potential panel issues or general problems. There is only one thing missing, though. You need to pick up the phone and give us a call or contact us in another way! If you don’t contact us, there is not much that we are going to be able to do to help. Give us a call or contact us and get your garage door back at full strength in no time!
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